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Welcome to the Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx) Program


Find all the information you need to provide your clients with a simply beautiful vacation in this Caribbean island destination. Saint Lucia is one of the most exclusive Caribbean vacation experiences available today with resorts that range from all-inclusives to classic inns, as well as boutique hotels with spas and wellness programs in settings that will take your breath away.

The Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx) Program will show you why the island has become known as the premiere romance destination. Become a Saint Lucia Expert today and begin reaping the sales rewards and the benefits offered to you by the Saint Lucia Tourist Authority.


  • Participation in the Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx) Program by the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority
  • Credits from The Travel Institute or the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA)
  • Personalized certificate
  • Printable education packet
  • Listing of qualified agents on Saint Lucia Tourism Authority Website www.stlucia.org

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Travel Advisors we hope you caught our North American Roadshows. If not, here they are for you to watch and share:

If you missed an episode or would simply like to be re-inspired...check out the links below

Episode 1 https://youtu.be/poJ4fVKJzQA

Episode 2 https://youtu.be/4kWRU7CcB9k

Episode 3 https://youtu.be/x-nfIGexWuE

Please feel free to share with your colleagues, industry friends and travel professionals. Be sure to download all the helpful tools which are likely sitting in your inbox if you registered. More to come!

Thank you again for your continued support. 


For assistance with pre-travel requirements and authorizations please drop us a line at:

  • Email: travelinfo@stlucia.org (For Pre-arrival Registration Matters) or
  • Skype#1-603-635-4385/ Skype Address:SLTAUK2021  (For  Pre-Travel Registration Matters from 3am-6am EST only) or
  • Toll-Free from US : 1 (800) 456-3984 between 6am – 10pm EST