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The Guadeloupe archipelago is a collection of sun-kissed isles where cascades, rainforests, rum, white-sand beaches, French cuisine, a Creole vibe, and preserved forts come together to create a postcard-perfect ode to paradise. The Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board is pleased you have chosen to become a Guadeloupe Islands Destination Specialist, and we are confident that the more you know about the Guadeloupe Islands, the more you will realize what an exciting and profitable vacation destination it can be.


  • All agents with at least one ATM booking can qualify for quarterly rewards and FAM trip opportunities:
    • $500 for the top seller plus random awards of $300 & $200 each quarter
    • Top-selling agent at year's end will receive $1,000
  • Listing of you and your company as a Guadeloupe Islands Specialist on the tourist board's website and on" target="_blank">" target="_blank">'s Guadeloupe Islands Specialist Finder
  • 2 continuing education credits from The Travel Institute and 12 credits from the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies
  • Personalized full color, printable certificate 

Table of Contents
Discover Guadeloupe Islands
Welcome to the Guadeloupe Islands, French West Indies
Different Islands, Different Worlds
How to Sell Guadeloupe Islands
Special Interest Travel
Fast Facts
Savor Guadeloupe Islands
Unspoiled Archipelago