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Covered by lush tropical jungles, forests, lakes and rivers, Guatemala's ecological diversity is evident—from Antigua to the Pacific Coast—but its cultural diversity is just as entrancing. Boasting a multicultural ambiance, Guatemala's history creates a colorful tapestry of people and customs—from its Maya descendants to the Garifuna people in the Caribbean coast. 

But most importantly, this burgeoning tourism destination can and will deliver big sales for agents savvy enough to learn all about its diverse attractions. 


  • Listing of you and your company as a Guatemala Specialist on" target="_blank">'s Guatemala Specialist Finder (includes telephone, address and direct emailing functionality)
  • Personalized full color, printable certificate

Table of Contents
Welcome to Guatemala
Guatemala City
Western Highlands
El Peten
Lake Atitlan
Las Verapaces
Pacific Coast
Caribbean Coast
Guatemala's Special Interest Travel Niche
How to Sell Guatemala
Fast Facts
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