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Course Description

Chile is one of the "newest" and most exciting destinations for travelers heading to South America. It offers stunning variety in its geography - from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia - a bevy of cultural attractions and unparalleled adventure experiences. Chile has economic and political stability that bolsters tourism, and from top to bottom, this 2,640-mile-long country-for-all-seasons is a place you're going to enjoy getting to know. Turismo Chile is pleased you have chosen to become a Chile Destination Specialist, and we are confident that the more you know about Chile, the more you will realize what an exciting and profitable vacation destination it can be.

  • Listing of you and your company as a Chile Specialist on" target="_blank">'s Chile Specialist Finder (includes telephone, address and direct emailing functionality)
  • Four continuing education credits from The Travel Institute and three continuing education credits from the Canadian Association of Travel Agencies      
  • Personalized full color, printable certificate

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